Based on the PPF Thunder, it is as destructive as it is stealthy.


The SPBCar (Special Purpose Bullpup Carbine), commonly called the "Ghost Carbine" for its extremely quiet report, is a bullpup assault rifle with an integrated silencer. Compact and powerful, it is the perfect tool for counter-terrorists around the world. It uses the Direct Impingement gas system, so as with all automatic weapons from Phoenix Precision Firearms, it offers top-notch performance. Its reciever is that of the PPF Thunder, redesigned for the .236 Phoenix round and moved into the buttstock. Two versions of its round are available: the regular version, and the heavy-load subsonic version.


Name : SPBCar 

Weight : 3.3 kg (unloaded), 3.9 kg (loaded)

Length : 26" (66 cm) Barrel Length : 15" (Silencer not incl.)

Magazine Size : 30 rounds (60-rnd drum available)

Caliber : .236 Phoenix inch

Muzzle Velocity : 325 m/s (Subsonic), 970 m/s (Regular)

Optimal Range : 2-100 meters

Effective Range : 400 meters

Rate of Fire : 1100 RPM

Overall Edit

  • Accuracy : Good
  • Recoil : Low
  • Damage : Average
  • Mobility : Medium
  • Reload Speed : Fast
  • Penetration : OK

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