The stock MSAS.


The MSAS (Modular Slide-Action Shotgun) is, as its name suggests, a slide-action shotgun made by Phoenix Precision Firearms. So far, only the standard version has been revealed. It is magazine-fed for superior capacity and shoots 10- or 12-gauge shells, with the modular magwell allowing to switch by simply inserting a mag adapter. The stock can be replaced or removed at will, and the barrel can accept a small choke to accept foreign (Non-PPF) barrel extensions. The barrel itself is 18" long and is integral to the upper reciever, so that the shotgun is not readily converted into a Title II weapon. Unlike most pump-actions, the MSAS is covered in rails; there's 4 of them, and the top one is extremely long to allow any combination of optics, magnifiers and gadgets to fit right on. Lastly, the pump is long and comfortable, and is also capable of mounting any rail-mounted foregrip. On the civilian versions, every short-barrel upper reciever interacts with the lower in a way that prevents mounting stocks, resulting in the MSASS (Short) and MSATS (Tactical) being civilian-legal shotpistols.


The MSATS and MSASS are short-barrel versions of the MSAS, having a barrel length of 12" and 6", respectively. Each of them have a non-NFA and NFA version, with the former's upper recievers preventing the attachment of any kind of stock. The NFA MSATS is useful in that it can accept a suppressor without exponentially increasing the weapon's length. Many police departments have adopted the shotgun as their primary breaching and non-lethal weapon. Meanwhile, the MSASS is a rival to the Serbu Super-Shorty, the Techno Arms MAG-7 the NS Arms SP-1 and the RF&D Mini-12, and is somewhat superior to all of them by combining a magazine feed and a full-length chamber (Note to GeneralB and UV00: Your shotguns have upsides compared to mine too, so don't get upset). It differs from the other MSAS shotguns in that it has a pump-integrated grip and that its front end is not "angled". Despite its immense power, the MSASS is only 15" long and can thus be concealed easily. It is one of PPF's smallest weapons.


Name : MSAS 

Weight : Up to 4 kg (unloaded), Up to 5.5 kg (loaded)

Length : 15-37" (If no suppressor)

Barrel Length : 18" (MSAS), 12" (MSATS), + 8" if using suppressor.

Magazine Size : 5- or 10-round box, 25-round drum.

Caliber : 10/12 gauge

Muzzle Velocity : Varies

Optimal Range : 5-35 meters

Effective Range : 200 meters (slug)

Rate of Fire : Pump faster.



An MSATS with the Elite Suppressor.


A 12-gauge MSASS. Note the magazine adapter.