Both of the HRUD's variations; As you can see, one is considerably bigger than the other.


The PPF Heavy Revolving Underbarrel Device, or "Loki", is an underbarrel weapon with a revolving chamber. It is recoil-operated, not unlike a Mateba 6 Unica, but unlike the latter, the barrel is fixed in place. This method of operation was chosen over a magazine-fed bolt-action mechanism for its smaller size and greater ease of operation. The HRUD was two variations - the HRUD-S is an 8-round 12-gauge shotgun, while the larger HRUD-G is a 3-round 40mm grenade launcher. Both fit on a standard M4 rail, with the magazine acting as the grip, although the G version's barrel will protrude in front of the M4's barrel. Both weapons are equipped with safeties and swing-out cylinders, which are ambidextrous. To improve the cylinder's resilience, the chambers are lined with Mangalloy on the inside. Partly due to a "clickable" shape (and, of course, the recoil-operated action), the Loki has a very light trigger pull. As an added bonus, both variations ship with springs for non-lethal rounds and blanks as well as the regular ones (installed by default).

The HRUD-S is in wide use among police and special operations forces, and several militaries including that of Germany and Switzerland. The HRUD-G was an even bigger success, almost instantly replacing other underbarrel launchers in a number of NATO countries.


Name : Thunder 

Weight : 1.6 kg (with empty mag)

Length : 15.9 (G)", 10.8" (S).

Barrel Length : 7" (G), 4" (S).

Magazine Size : 50 rounds

Caliber : 12 gauge up to 3.25", 40mm grenade up to 5.5".

Muzzle Velocity : 70-300 m/s

Optimal Range : 15 meters (S), 100-300 meters (G)

Effective Range : Up to 100 meters (S), up to 800 meters (G)

Rate of Fire : 200 RPM; Semi-Auto