Nightstalker Elite

Nightstalker Elite

Developed in a highly secretive project by world-reknowned Panthonite Industries, the Nightstalker Elite is that company's version of the stealth pistol of the future. The Nightstalker Elite features a high quality integrated suppressor and a laser; the suppressor itself is highly advanced, capable of suppressing the firearm to the point where the only sound is the action. Additionally, the Nightstalker Elite is capable of firing massive rounds uncharacteristic of its role as a semiautomatic pistol; in damage tests it surpasses firearms twice its size. In addition, Panthonite has applied a new recoil mitigation system to the pistol, rendering the gun extremely steady and easy to fire. To round off its already impressive capabilities, the Nightstalker Elite is capable of firing variable ammunition, allowing a skilled operative to also shower toxin-infused darts at enemies. 

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