The SP-1 Kanang (Senapang Patah 1 [Malay for Shotgun 1 Kanang]), named after Kanang anak Langkau, a Malaysian national hero during the Indonesia-Malaysia Confrontation and the Second Malaysian Emergency, is a shotgun produced by NS Arms Corporation. It is not to be confused with the South African-produced pistol of the same name.

History Edit

The SP-1 is the first ever shotgun produced by NS Arms Corporation. The general layout and design of the weapon was heavily influenced by the MAG-7, also a weapon of South African origin. The armourers look to expand their knowledge on their experience in making guns. Discussions between Dr. Novak, Mr. Syahir, and the armourers took place in mid-October 2015. The first prototype was produced by early November. Further refinement and troubleshooting led to the finalised product in late November.

Design & General Information Edit

The MAG-7 heavily influenced the overall shape, function, and layout of the SP-1. It is fed via a 7-round magazine inserted into the pistol grip. It is chambered in 12-gauge, among the most common shotgun ammunition today. However, due to the size of the pistol grip, the armourers came up with a custom 12-gauge shotgun shell. Instead of the usual 70mm (2.75 in.) shell, the armourers designed a 12-gauge shell encased in a 33mm (1.3 in.) shell, much like the Aguila 12-gauge Minishells. It is produced in two variants; the standard model and the civilian-legal model. The civilian model differs from the standard model in that it is fitted with a fixed wooden stock and a longer barrel.

Weapon Specification Edit

  • Weight (Standard): 4.2 kg (9.26 lbs)
    Capture 310

    The two variants of the SP-1; the top one being the standard model and the bottom one being the civilian-legal model. They are chambered in custom 12-gauge rounds, with each shell containing 9 metal pellet shots.

      (Civilian): 4.35 kg (9.6 lbs)

  • Length (Standard): 19.8 in. (50.3 cm)

      (Civilian): 29.8 in. (75.7 cm)

  • Barrel length (Standard): 12 in. (30.5 cm)

               (Civilian): 19 in. (48.3 cm)

  • Cartridge: Custom 12-gauge
  • Operation: Manually oeprated, pump-action
  • Fire mode: Safe, single-shot
  • Muzzle velocity: 395 m/s (1296 ft/s)
  • Effective range: 40 m (43.75 yds)
  • Feed system: 7-round detachable box magazine
  • Sights: Fixed iron sights
  • Attachments: None