The AP-45 is a plasma-dart assault rifle created by Colt Firearms on contract from the US military in 2044.The rifle was used for 78 years by America and its allies in multiple wars and is known for its reliability and adaptability.


An AP45 rifle with added scope, bipod, and plasma cannon.


Rifle statistic in automatic mode/semi-auto mode if applicable (cannon statistic)

Capacity: 35 rounds (8 for included plasma cannon)

Caliber: 5.56×45mm NATO variable-current plasma dart (12-gauge plasma shell)

Rate of fire: 700 rpm (60 rpm)

Effective range: 550 m/1200 m (300 m)

Muzzle velocity: 1250 m/s (80 m/s)

Weight loaded/unloaded: 2.5/3.25 kg

Advantages Edit

  • Very accurate for an assault rifle
  • Used by almost all first-world nations, and ammunition is common
  • Powerful
  • Compatible with many older AR-15 parts, like scopes, grips, etc.
  • Compatible with older powder-based bullets
  • Extremely reliable- can fire accurately in temperatures ranging from -120*C to 350*C, under up to 350 m of water, and average misfire rate is 1 shell for every 350,000.
  • Made of diamond nanotube reinforced plastics that are virtually indestructable

Disadvantages Edit

  • Powerful kickback when not using magnetic-acceleration bullets
  • Slower rate of fire than some other rifles
  • Rather large
  • Hard to assemble/disassemble due to the inherent complexities of plasma rifle technology

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