Overview Edit

The MMR is one of a new class of weapons: the STEALTH RIFLE. In short, the stealth rifle consists of a rifle that is silenced, even in its stock form, comes stock with a flash hider, and has advanced recoil compensation. The rifle class cannot be heard or seen by normal humans or most equipment, and it is ideal for combatting the sharp-hearing Tiberium zombies. The MMR has a prototype MMR-class projectile, earning its name. That projectile has an anti-zombie solution in the tip, and when it contacts a walker, the zombie will disintegrate. The filled bullet has the homing ability and durability to kill up to four zombies before falling and dying out. But this projectile has a fatal flaw: it's weak to nuclear radiation. If it's used anywhere where nuclear, not Tiberium, radiation is present, its homing ability is cancelled out and it can only take out things that are straight ahead.

Specs Edit

MMR Stealth Rifle

Stock integrated silencer and flash hider-makes weapon virtually undetectable without advanced equipment

Advanced recoil compensation-eliminates nearly all recoil for accuracy when firing

Experimental MMR anti-Tiberium Zombie bullet-homing ability and internal solution that coats the tip after exiting barrel makes zombies devoid in your area when firing

Fatal flaw-weak to nuclear radiation, which shorts out the homing core and weakens the solution and bullet making it only able to take out a couple zombies before getting destroyed itself

Quick reload-ease of reloading provided by a button on the magwell; press button, clip falls. Press button when out of ammo, takes normal rounds and reloads clips.

Usage Edit

The MMR is still in its testing phases, but has proven useful for taking out hordes quickly. Its usage when it rolls out for general combat usage is as the secondary weapon for snipers, and an optional weapon for the normal rifle troops to carry.

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