MK11 Sniper Config.

In Sniper configuration.

The Mark 11 is an all purpose Silenced Special Forces weapon, configurable from a full sniper rifle, down to a high-calibre submachine gun. It is all modular, and fits many M4/M16 family parts, and is in the .50 calibre, but when the MCCD (Modular Calibre Changing Device) lever is pulled back, it

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In standard assault rifle configuration.

can be used with 7.62 magazines, of all types, a huge plus for clandestine operations.

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In Special Heavy weapons format. Note LTR (laser thermal targeter) for grenade launcher.

The Recoil is managed in a very special way with this weapon, in order to make the .50 full auto accurate, the kinetic energy from the shot is channeled in a loop around the specially designed stock, and is used to partially power the next shot, for high penetration rounds.
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Hi-Calibre SMG

Changing the configuration from the normal to sniper or SMG can be finished in two movements, and from SMG to sniper (and visa versa), 4.

Weight: 6kg

Length: 50-120cm

Barrel length: 30-60cm

Cartridge: .50 cal BMG

Operation: Gas charged Full auto/Semi Auto

Rate of Fire: 300-600rpm

Muzzle velocity: 1600m/s

Effective Range: 500-2000m

Feed system: 15/30 round magazing

Sights: Rail mounted, Iron Backup