M4A1 Internal SOPMOD

This is my M4A1 Internal SOPMOD It uses during Chicago Bombing at 2032.It use a Acog scopes 4X32,M203 Grenade launcher ,a silencer ,rear flp up sight, And Red dot sight

When This Weapon Used

This M4A1 Internal SOPMOD is used by U.S Navy Seal at Chicago Bombing at 2032.

Who Makes This Weapon

This weapon is modification of M4A1. It has Modification by Colt Defense.

Who The First To Use And First To Firing This Weapon.

This weapon is first use at ALPHA Team. Who one is first to fire this weapon is Cpl.Darren Rick. And his coment about this weapon is This weapon has a Excelent Accuracy, Low Recoil , and has a silent sound.

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