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The M2VK shotgun side view, Note the F2000 Styled stock,

The M2VK Pump action Shotgun was designed by Fox Industries,made for the demand of a All purpose Shotgun, The M2VK uses a 8 shell (12. Gauge Slugs/Explosive) magazine, The gun comes in an Iron Sight version (|_._|), However an EOTech Sight has been included free of charge in a 'Weapon Bundle' also for Civillians in countries with certain Gun Laws, to purchase this, one has to apply for the oppurtunity to buy one.

Overall statistics

Materials : Either Plastic, Lightweight re-enforced Carbon Fiber, Or basic Gunmetal.

Ammunition : 12 Gauge Slugs/Explosive/Shells

Cost : 3,000/14,000/5,000 Per weapon

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