M27 IAR and sniper versionEdit



M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle

IAR version of the HK416 Assault Rifle made by Heckler and Koch in Germany. It has a select fire option and can shoot full-auto, semi-auto and 3 round bursts and has a safety mode on the select fire. Cocking the gun when reloading is done behind the rear sight. The stock is adjustable into multiple settingsThe magazine holds 30 rounds.


M27 SV

M27 SV



M27-SV with the PRS buttstock equipped

M27 SV

The pimped up sniper version of the M27. including a foregrip, bipod, scope, magpul, subsonic barrel which means a supressor built in to the barrel and a fixed rifle stock. The handgaurd has been extended to fit more attachments as seen here with a foregrip and foldable bipod. The magazine size was reduced from 30 to 15, the fire selector is only used to switch between semi-auto fire and safety mode. The scope is adjustable from 3 to 9 X 40MM so you can see enemies from afar. The barrel looks huge because of it being a subsonic barrel which means that there is a suppressor built in to it so the only things you hear will be the action inside the gun, the shell casings falling on the ground and the screams of your target being hit. It has a magpul attached to the magazine so you can reload very fast and again the bolt is found behind the sight but you can also use the bolt catch found on the receiver. The bipod can be folded down to lay down and gain stability but it can also be folded up so you can run around. The foregrip is used to hold the gun and manage recoil when firing.

The PRS buttstock:                                                                                                                                     the PRS is adjustable for both comb height and length of pull. meaning you can adjust the cheek rests height and the length of the stock, to customize it to the perfect rifle for you.

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By: Paddoguns

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