For Years gun manufacturers tried to make the M1A1 Pulse Rifle from the Alien films since the first on came out to theaters and when Aliens 3 had come out for SNES (and damn its hard) and finally a gun manufacturer by the name of Acme Gun Co had successfully made the perfect replica.
M1A1 Pulse Rifle

The M1A1 Pulse Rifle I made

Eng pl M41A-Pulse-Rifle-replica-1152197818 5

The M1A1 Pulse From Alien films used to kick alien ass

Stats Edit

The Gun Edit


magazine cap:99

cartridge:45 ACP

Firemodes:Semi-Auto and Full Auto

Under Barrel Shotgun Edit

Weight:3.6(unloaded)3.9(loaded 1 shell)4.2(loaded 2 shell)4.5(loaded all shells)

magazine cap:3

cartridge:10 and 12 gauge shotgun shells


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