(Note the following info regarding this item is fictional and 0% real)

The M16A1 Style Removable Carrying Handle is a rail accessory for Airsoft AEGs that functions like the Classic Army detatchable carry handle, but imitates the look of the M16A1 carry handle.


M16A1 Style Carry Handle

A side view of the Carrying Handle

The M16A1 Style Carry Handle imitates the look of the M16A1's carry handle while it functions similarly to the Classic Army removable carry handle. This special edition comes complete with smaller fasteners on the other side to make it look more 'Classic'


This carry handle can be used as an accessory for Classic Army's M15A4 series to make their AEG look like the M16A1, saving one having to buy an expensive upper reciever and having to disassemble their AEG.

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