Overview Edit

The Blazer Bullpup Sniper Rifle is one nasty son of a b*tch. It's got a ten-round magazine, a tri-zoom scope, an angled grip, and custom bullets. Those "bullets" will, when fired, heat up and melt, and that molten substance somehow becomes plasma. Not even the designers at GDI R&D know how this works, and they designed these bullets and all GDI weapons. In the current state of the Tiberium-infested world, where Tiberium-mutated zombies reign, it doesn't come with a cheek rest. That you have to find and a cleaning kit. In some areas, like a GDI base, the gun has unlimited ammunition. That's because it prints its special rounds to the magazine, and in said areas, it also becomes fully automatic. It's a hybrid DMR/sniper rifle/assault rifle.

Specifications Edit

M139 Blazer Bullpup Sniper Rifle

VMR-class Tri-zoom Scope-zoom levels of x4, x12, and x50 for superior target location and acquisition

Special 7.62 mm rounds that, when fired, become plasma in the barrel and have a range of 1000 meters through velocity and weight affecting that velocity

Angled foregrip for stability-can attach a tripod if needed for stationary missions lasting more than a minute

Ten-round magazine-cannot change until ammunition is depleted, and only then can you change it with a newly acquired magazine that will have the same properties as the discarded one

PLASVOO-class recoil compensation-has low recoil due to gun taking most of it, namely the barrel jarring backwards a good bit in response to the firing of the weapon, named PLASVOO for the plasma-bullets it fires

Special Versions Edit

The Blazer has two special versions-the M139X light machine gun with a 100-round box magazine, and the M129 DMR for the bridging between LMG and sniper versions, with a 40-round magazine, x8 zoom scope, and moderately long barrel. Images of the weapon could not be shown due to the eggheads' paranoia.

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