The M120 "MacArthur" is a prototype main battle tank that is made by Mayfield Heavy Industries, the heavy industries division of Rickard Firearms & Defense. As the name suggests, it is named after General Douglas MacArthur. It competes against the Delta Hellraiser and the HT16 Ridgway.

M120 Macarthur

Iz big tank.

Facts: Edit

  • Can be equipped with a Mk. 54 CMG or the Mk. 56 HMG.
  • Designed from 2003 to 2018, with the finalized design shown in 2019.
  • Fuel capacity of 431 US gallons.
  • Has a 120mm tank gun, but can be equipped with the M68, a 105mm tank gun.
  • Operational range: Estimated 275 miles.
  • Powered by a twin-turbo diesel V12 producing an estimated 1,500 horsepower (now all we need to do is to just put this engine in a lightweight car).
  • Requires 4 crew members; driver, gunner, loader, and commander.
  • Top speed: On-road: 40 MPH. Off-road: 30 MPH.
  • Torsion-bar suspension.