M-2 Avenger Rifle

The Avenger is a bolt action rifle designed for resistance forces in occupied countries. Using parts from M14s, SVDs, and improvised parts it was made in mechanic shops, basements, plumbing shops and textile factories. Once one was built it was given to a rsistance fighter. There was no time for testing.

Firing a 7.62x51mm NATO Round and another variant firing 7.62x54mmR meant it had good fire power. It was meant to be simple to use and accurate. The cost to make one rifle was $75.25 because they needed alot of guns it had to be cheap but it wasnt low quality due to using parts from other guns.


M-2 Avenger Rifle with open bolt

It has an effective range of 300 meters and Russian PSO-1 scopes can be mounted to the left side.

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