The standard M-276

M-276 RifleEdit

The M-276 is a select fire assualt rifle produced by Darkstar Weapons Systems. It uses a direct gas system,using gas produced by the firing of a round to drive the bolt back and chamber a round. It has 3 fire options: Semi-auto, 2-round burst,and Automatic(800 RPM).




The M-276C,the carbine variant of the M-276

The M-276C is the carbine variant of the M-276. It is identical to the M-276 besides the fact that it has a shorter barrel and collapsible stock.


M-276 Tactical

The M-276 Tactical

The M-276T is a variant of the M-276 that has more rails for mounting attachments.It is different from the standard model in many ways, including: removable supressor, collapsible stock,shorter barrel, different pistol grip, and a ROF(rate of fire) of 1250 rounds per minute.

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