When the world ran dry of resources, the LCPA was born.

LCPA HistoryEdit

The Lunar Colonization Agency was formed after the world's natural resources ran dry (oil, coal, metals). When there was little to no oil left in the world, all the Earth's nations became desprate. World War was happening all across the face of the planet for those last little drops. The LCP (Lunar Colonization Program was born in the midst of all the destruction, and ended the wars with theories of oil and coal on the Moon. The world's countries hastily made way for the Lunar surface. Those who didn't have space programs made them. When the world was settled with mining programs on the Moon, they made territories of where they could mine. When boundries were crossed, the miners grew angry with one another, and made "war". Eventually the nations that founded the settlements made war, not on the Earth, but on the Moon. The US founded the LCPA when nations attacked the mining people and machines, expecting to gain territory from the US. 

LCPA Weapons and SoldiersEdit

Guns don't work the same on Earth as they do on the Moon or in space, guns need oxygen to operate. The gunpowder inside the gun needs oxygen to combust and fire the bullet out of the chamber and into the enemy. So, guns need an oxygen pocket inside of the bullet, or an Oxygen Injection Canister (OIC). Oxygen Injection Canisters are small containers with compressed oxygen to inject into the sealed chamber with the explosions. OICs are cheaper to make than individual bullets with oxygen pockets inside of them. OICs are like magazines, in that they need to be reloaded every 12-15 regular magazines or so.

List of LCPA weapons:

The Original Lunar Oxygen Injected weapons by the LCPA:

 *LOI-1 Standard
LOI-1 Standard DIAGRAM

LOI-1 Diagram. OIC is the same shape and color for all guns.

  • LOI-1 Long range
  • LOI-1 Spreadshot
  • LOI-1 LMG
  • LOI-1 HMG

These weapons are the second generation of the Oxygen Injected:

  • LOI-4s
  • LOI-4s Longe range

The Lunar Stationary Protection weapon has individual bullets with a special combustion blend so it doesn't have to have oxygen injected into the chamber to combust. It is used specially for protecting mining and military bases and not for moving around.

  • L-sp24 Standard

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