The Lucifer Arms Model 46 Universal Caseless Battle Rifle, or LA M46 UCBR was a Caseless Battle Rifle created and produced by Lucifer Arms built for use by NATO and allied Special Operations Units. The M46 was also meant to replace the current weapons in use by NATO by effectively performing better, even in extreme conditions. The UCBR was entered into First Tier production in 2013, Second Tier production in 2014, Third Tier production in 2016 and regular distribution by 2018. The weapon was costly however, and many nations could not afford to arm more than their best teams with the weapon, and other nations decided not to invest in the rifle.

The rifle was mostly made from plastic materials, was extremely light weight and fired 7.62x51mm NATO. The M46 had a built in sight that had a 2x, and 4x zoom as well as an Infra-Red, Night Vision and Sonar view modes. The fire rate of the M46 was 750 RPM and almost never jam, as it was a caseless round firing rifle. It made little sound compared to other weapons, but a silencer was still reccomended for stealth engagements. The rifle itself had an effective range of 700 yards, easily exceding the M4 carbine's effective range.

The M46 is in current use by:
Czech Republic
New Zealand
United Kingdom

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