Lazah Firearms Type 72-MSGEdit

Knowing us, we always try to get out of our comfort zone. This time, we built a squad support LMG.
Lazah Firearms Type 72-MSG

Our first-ever LMG.

 It is made in 5.6x56mm with a belt-fed 100 rnd. magazine. This gun is gas-powered, clocking in at nearly 1135 rpm (this is also compatible with a belt-fed 200 rnd. magazine of the same calibere). This gun has lots of rails, so put on as much attachments as you desire (with the space of rails, that is)! This gun has an effective range of about 1000 meters, which is about .6 miles! If you wish to take this ranged support role, expect your self buying a scope.

 This weapon is to honor the 72nd military division, who gave their lives in Iraq.Edit

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