No vehicles? I'll fix that.
Gra s lcs rorarius by storm x-d6aaddt

The Light Combat Ship, Rorarius.

Light Combat Ship RorariusEdit

This is the LCS (Light Combat Ship) Rorarius (Skirmisher in Latin), a 4 passenger boat (One gunner, two passengers, one driver) that is designed to perform a wide variety for naval combat, such as fighting, rescue, insertion, chasing and mine sweeping.

Going at roughly 70 knots per hour (A knot is 1.151 MPH on land), this is a quite fast boat. Mounted on front is a K50 .50 MG, firing at a smooth 725 RPM and fires .50 High Explosive Armor Piercing (HEAP) Rounds with enlarged MBUS sights. It's armor can with stand small arms fire.

There's no rudder because when I was making this boat, the reference pic I used didn't have a rudder, so the fan can swivel left to right to steer.

It floats, it hurts and it's ready to set sail across the seas.

Storm-X, Out.

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