With Lazah Firearms getting the liscense to make the AR-15 series, we didn't dissapoint. Within a matter of days, the Design Team already had an AR chassis. Behold: the LAR-15! Though up to 50 variants can be made, we show 4 today.

The Journey Of A Thousand Miles...Edit

The LAR-15 is very modular (4 different variants have been shown), and has some stopping power. It shoots 5x45mm
Lazah Firearms LAR-15 UA

The bare basics. Notice the green carrying handle outlines.

NATO rounds, and doesn't have many attachments, but it is usable out-of-the-box. This variant shoots at 800rpm, and has a bit of a kick to it, but a compensator can reduce this.

LE VariantEdit

Perhaps the most popular LAR-15 variant, this is very good for law enforcment. It shoots at 545rpm with 5x51mm
Lazah Firearms LAR-15

Ranting about the carrying handle? TOO BAD!

NATO rounds. With a folding grip, 3 round burst and excellent stopping power, you won't be dissapointed. The LE variant also has an odd 21 round magazine (this was made to compensate for the 3 round burst; you would surely want every burst to be equally lethal!).

DMR VariantEdit

This gun's modulability can shine anywhere. With just a bipod, scope, CCK (Caliber Conversion Kit) and a silencer,
Lazah Firearms LAR-15 DMR

The DMR variant. Instead of a normal scope, an ACOG is shown instead.

you can make an excellent DMR. Shooting deadly 7.62x54mm NATO shells and having a default 15-round magazine, this can make do in both urban and open enviroments.

CD VariantEdit

Standard for frontline combat, it is ALMOST like the out-of-the-box weapon, but it has many differences. This
Lazah Firearms LAR-15 DF

The EOTech optics are underrated, so we decided to slap it on the CD variant.

version shoots 5x51mm with a 40 round magazine (take that, Galil!). It also has an EOTech and flashlight, which is also good for multiple situations. This version also shoots at 800rpm, but the extended magazine can at least keep you shooting longer.


Frontlines Magazine 5/5 "...this AR carves the Lazah Firearms name out of pure gold."

NATO Weapondry 4/5 "...It is rare for rookies to assault rifles to make such a modern build out of a nearly 100 year old model."

FPSRussia's Gun Charter gives the LAR-15 the Coin of LoPrice, the Star of Relilability and the Gold Badge of Creativity.

Ethiopia (which, as of 2022, is a superpower) put the LAR-15 as it's default rifle, and we are honored to have that privelege.


Price: $750-$1,500

RPM: 525-800

Eff.Range: .475-.9km

Weight: 4.5-8.1kg

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