Kravi Solutions & Industries was founded by IDF veteran Avraham Ben Yosef after a twenty year career in active duty and reserves. Inspired by his country's approach to weapons and platforms, he decided to enter into the Israeli small arms industry, largely dominated by IWI. After success on smaller scale production, Kravi Solutions was able to produce a new coating finish called 'Sabra', a simple process that powder coats weapons externally. Invisible, and as available as a can of paint. One simply sprays the coating onto a gun or other product. The end user can instantly notice improved heat reduction due to internal and external factors. Kravi's 'Sabra' spray lead to the ability to drop large amounts of weight from many weapon systems without having to give up performance in terms of sustained rate of fire.

KS&I has two corporate functions. The solutions side of the corporation comes up with modifications, retrofits, and other service-life extension and weapons enhancement products. The industry side of the corporation is currently in the midst of releasing their own line of weapons.

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