Kaizen Striker is a sniper rifle that currently comes in AM50 and VT trims. Styling appears to have been heavily inspired from the M21 Sniper Weapon System, but the mechanical aspect is not. It is Kaizen Corp.'s best seller.

The Striker AM50 is an anti-material sniper rifle using .50 BMG ammunition. It is seen by most as the semi-automatic and lighter version of the Kaizen Takedown. It's a single model.

The Striker VT is a lower caliber and much more versatile version of the Striker AM50, and comes in various versions firing different rounds. It fires rounds like the .338 Lapua Magnum and the .300 Winchester Magnum, and Striker VT is distinguished by the different magazine, "lower reciever", and handguard designs and colors. It can be used in either Anti-Personnal and/or Anti-Material situations. However, the Striker AM50 is much more suitable for Anti-Material purposes.

Designer: Kaizen Corp.

First Generation Edit

Kaizen Striker MK1 "Anti-Material .50 BMG" (AM50) Edit

Kaizen Striker

Weight: 15 lbs (around 7 kg) (unloaded). 17 lbs (around 8 kg) (loaded)

Barrel length: Around 590mm

Length: Around 1000 mm

Caliber: .50 BMG, 13.7x108mm Kaizen

Capacity: 10 round magazine

Recoil: Inevitable and significant, will catch the unsuspecting users off guard

Accuracy: High. While notably sharp and not badly criticized, its accuracy is often considered inferior to lower caliber rifles.

Firing Mode: Semi-automatic

Effective range: Around 2200 yards

Kaizen Striker MK1 "Versatility Trim" (VT) Edit

Kaizen Striker VT

Weight: 9 lbs (around 4 kg) (unloaded). 11 lbs (around 5 kg) (loaded)

Barrel length: Around 590mm

Length: Around 1000 mm

Caliber: Fires rounds like the .338 Lapua Magnum, the .300 Winchester Magnum, and the 7.62x51mm NATO

Kaizen Striker VT civilian

Civilian version

Capacity: 20 round magazine. 7 round magazine for certain civilian markets.

Recoil: More manageable then the AM50 Striker, but still hard to "resist"

Accuracy: Improved compared to the AM50 Striker and is comparable to it's competitors also firing the same rounds (we are talking about rounds like the .338 Lapua Magnum and the .300 Winchester Magnum in this case!) and the Kaizen Takedown

Firing Mode: Semi-automatic

Effective range: Around 1900 yards

A notable competitor would be the Model 2016 "Wildcat", however, the "Wildcat" is potentially at a disadvantage when compared to the Striker VT in terms of firepower and firepower duration, but the Striker VT could give up some accuracy to the "Wildcat". Reliability should be equal, and some see the Striker VT as a direct upgrade of the "Wildcat", although several comparisons are in the works