Kaizen Stormer is a select fire SMG using .50 caliber handgun ammunition. As it's name suggest, it's main purpose is to take part in raids by the military on enemy locations.

Designer: Kaizen Corp.

First Generation Edit

Kaizen Stormer

Weight: 6.5 lbs (around 3 kg) (unloaded). 8 lbs (around 4 kg) (loaded)

Barrel length: Around 230mm

Length: Around 600 mm

Caliber: .50 caliber handgun, more specifically .50 Action Express

Capacity: 100 round magazine

Recoil: Strong

Accuracy: Slightly below average due to recoil (full auto), Average (semi-auto)

Firing Mode: Safe, Semi-automatic, Fully automatic

Effective range: Around 275 yards

Reload time: Has been noted to take somewhat longer than most competitors, but the capacity!