The Kaizen Stinger is a "elephant gun"/stopping rifle by Kaizen Corp.

1st Generation Edit

Kaizen Corp. engineers switched to a bolt action design, which is stronger and more reliable. Magazines were adopted for faster reloading. The rifle is built of custom made copies of Kaizen R1 receivers, which are reinforced. Simple but high quality and powerful and strong design proved to be a favorite combination for safari hunters. Not mass produced.
Kaizen Stinger internal magazie

With internal magazine

Kaizen Stinger

Weight: 18 lbs (around 8.16 kg) (unloaded). 21 lbs (around 9.52 kg) (loaded)

Barrel length: Around 500mm

Length: Around 950 mm

Caliber: .577 Tyrannosaur, .600 Overkill

Capacity: 10 round double stack detachable box magazines, 6 round double stack internal magazine

Accuracy: Moderately high

Firing Mode: Bolt action

Maximum range: Around 8000 yards

Number produced: Around 100

Production years: 1938 - 1945

Prototype Edit

Kaizen A-Square Hannibal

It was built of a custom made M1 Garand reciever, with strengthened internal parts. It used a semi-automatic action and featured a 4 round double stack internal magazine, and was chambered in .577 Tyannosour.

No stats available

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