The K-26 was developed in 2012 as a replacemnet for the SA-80 L85 for the standard bullpup rifle of Korigador. Basicallly an M16 with extremely a short stock and the trigger system attached to a cable that is activated from the front trigger to fire.


K-26 Grenadier

The K-26 Grenadier is a regular K-26 with a M203 grenade launcher attached as an underbarrel weapon. Usually two peple per squad will be eqipped with the K-26 grenadier.


K-26 Low Profile

The K-26 Low profile is a standard K-26 attached with a suppresor a forgrip and an this one has an ACOG but a holographic can take its place.


K-26 CQB



The K-26 CQB (close quaters battle) is the same as the standard K-26 but has a shortened barrel foregrip and Holographic sight.

The K-26 PARA is the same as the standard K-26 But equiped with a 3x sight a holographic sight and a foregrip.

K-26 Security

The K-26 Security is a the same as the standard K-26 but wih secondary iron sights and 20 round box magazines and no attachments. Designed for use with Security personel.


K-26A2 Marksman

The K-26A2 Marksman is a variant of the K-26 chambered in 7.62 NATO designed for use by marksman. It is issued as one per squad standardly. Issued with a TR22 scope and bipod.



The K-27 is he newest bullpup weapon chambered in 7.62x51mm Nato. Basically a bullpup Scar Rifle. Usually issued to Vehicle Crews and Pilots.


K-27 PDW

The K-27 Pdw is the same as the standard K-27 but with a shortened barrel usually issued to Military police Private security personel and High ranking military personel.

K-27 suppressed

The K-27 Suppressed is the same as the K-27 PDW but equipped with a suppressor. Usually eqipped issued to special forces and Marines.

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