The JK Industries X14E (No official name revealed), is a experimental 20x139mm rifle. Not many details are known about it, because its development has been classified. Only a picture of it has been relased and it's unknown if it still looks like that.

SInce the last picture was shown in July 29th 2014, no more information has been relased about it

History Edit

In July 29th, JKI relased a picture of a high calibre rifle, and confirmed that an experimental weapon was being developed by them. No official name was given to it, but a leak in March 2nd 2015, called it X14E. In this leak, the only information given was its calibre, 20x139mm. The reedit user never posted anything else. In June 16th 2015, a decomposed body was found in a Nicaraguan beach, after its identification, it was confirmed that he was the reedit user, a former JKI employee.

Description Edit

-Weight: Unknown

-Barrel Lenght: 790mm

-Cartridge: 20x139mm

-Feed system: Detachable Box Mag. Unknown rounds

-Rate of fire: Bolt action

-Sight: Unknown Telescopic sight

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