JK P760

The JK Industries P760, is a 9x19mm pistol designed for the United States Armed Forces in 2015, in replacement of the Beretta M9.

Anyway it was not accepted, and since then, it has been sold to the civilian population for a 200-700$USD price range.

History Edit

In March 22th 2015, the United States Army requested certain companies to design a pistol to replace the M9, many well known companies submitted their designs, including JK Industries, with its first hadgun design: The P760. Although it was taken into consideration, and was nearly to be chosen, a rival company presented its design at last time, which won the competition. However, the government gave permission to JK Industries to distribute their weapon among the civilian population, which had great success due to its high precision. Since then it sold for a price of 200-700 $ USD.

Description Edit

-Weight: 1.8lb

-Barrel Lenght: 125mm

-Cartridge: 9mm Parabellum

-Feed System: Detachable Box Mag. 20 rounds

-Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic

-Sight: Three Dot

Attachments Edit

-Extended Magazine, up to 30 bullets.


-Laser sight

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