The JK Industries P730 is a .45 ACP pistol designed for various police forces around the world in mid 2015.

Its design was requested by the German Federal Police, then many other countries showed interest in the gun, so JKI started distributing it to over 7 countries police departments.

History Edit

P730 Proto

Early Prototype of the P730

The gun was designed for the German Federal Police, it was complicated to design because the GFP wanted it to be light and powerful at the same time, so 4 prototypes were made before the final gun, all of those were rejected because of their weight or because of the materials. Anyway, in July 2015, the final prototype was sent to the GFP Testing Center, and they were happy with it, so it became the final gun.

Description Edit

-Weight: 1.87lb

-Barrel Lenght: 132mm

-Cartridge: .45 ACP

-Feed System: Detachable box. 12 rounds

-Rate of Fire: Semi Automatic

-Sights: Three Dot

Attachments Edit

It haves a integral flashlight, but it can be removed and changed for a laser sight. It also can wear silencer and a extended magazine up to 20 rounds.

Users Edit









-South Africa

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