The JK Industries P50A, is a 5.45x39mm assault rifle, produced for the civilian distribution within the US. Is a modded AK-74, with some extra attachments on it. Its price range is 800-4,000$USD.

History Edit

The P50A started as an office joke, but then the CEO of the company (Me) found the desingn in the trash, and I liked it, so after 7-8 reunions, we started the production of this civilian use rifle. Wich was VERY successful thanks to it accuracy.

Description Edit

As its a modded AK 74, many of its specifications are the same or almost the same.

-Weight: 6.9lb

-Barrel Lenght: 415mm

-Cartridge: 5.45x39mm

-Feed System: Detachable Box Mag. 30 rounds

-Rate of Fire: 600rpm

-Sight: Adjustable rear and front iron sights

Attachments Edit

Almost any rail attachments, incluiding scopes, flashlights, etc.

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