The P12 DMR final version

The JK Industries P12, is a 7.62x51mm DM rifle, specially made for the Australian Army, in replacement of the SR25 rifle.

It also haves a Assault Rifle variant, the P12A, capable of automatic shooting. Anyway, the P12A is not as successful as its DM counterpart because of its high recoil.

History Edit


The P12A.

In October 2 2014, the SAS Regiment of the Australian Army was looking for a replacement for the aged SR25 DM Rifle. In July 30th 2015, JKI Presented its P12 rifle to the SASR, along with the Assault Variant, the P12A, they loved it due to its almost inexistant recoil, but the P12A was a completely diferent story, having a very high recoil in full auto mode. That same day 790 P12's were ordered to JKI by the SASR, but only 20 P12A's were ordered.

Desciption Edit

-Weight: 11.30lb

-Barrel Lenght: 497mm

-Cartridge: 7.62x51mm

-Feed System: Detachable Box Mag. 20 rounds (P12)/ 30 rounds (P12A)

-Rate of Fire: Semi automatic (P12)/ 350 (P12A)

-Sight: Trijicon TR22 (P12)/ Aimpoint Comp M4 (P12A)

Attachment Edit

The P12A has space for flashlights and laser sights. The P12 does not have any space for attachments.

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