JK Industries is a firearms design and manufacture company. Its founder and actual CEO is Juan Fernandez, a former baby who grew up to make guns. Its HeadQuarters is in a secret location, no one except their employees knows where is it. They Specialize in Assault/Sniper/DM Rifles, and Pistols. It was founded in July 29th 2015.

It was officialy declared in bankrupt in October 10th 2015. Approximately, over 150 secret projects disappeared with it.

Weapons Edit

P760 Edit

JK P760

Is a 9x19mm pistol designed for the United States Armed Forces in 2015, in replacement of the Beretta M9.

Anyway it was not accepted, and since then, it has been sold to the civilian population for a 200-700$USD price range.

P50A Edit


Is a 5.45x39mm assault rifle, produced for the civilian distribution within the US. Is a modded AK-74, with some extra attachments on it. Its price range is 800-4,000$USD.

It was very successful because of it high accuracy and its low recoil.

P730 Edit


Is a .45 ACP pistol designed for various police forces around the world in mid 2015.

Its design was requested by the German Federal Police, then many other countries showed interest in the gun, so JKI started distributing it to over 7 countries police departments.


P12 Edit

Is a 7.62x51mm DM rifle, specially made for the Australian Army, in replacement of the SR25 rifle.

It also haves a Assault Rifle variant, the P12A, capable of automatic shooting. Anyway, the P12A is not as successful as its DM counterpart because of its high recoil. (Click in name to see it)

P700 Edit


Is a 5.56x45mm SMG designed, along the P730, for various police forces around the world in mid 2015.

Unlike the P730, this one did not get another countries attention. It also haves a civilian 9mm version, the P700C (Click in the name to see it)



is a experimental 20x139mm rifle. Not many details are known about it, because its development has been classified. Only a picture of it has been relased and it's unknown if it still looks like that.

SInce the last picture was shown in July 29th 2014, no more information has been relased about it


A70 Edit

The JK Industries is a 6.5x39mm assault rifle, designed by JKI for the British SAS.

And it was the last weapon designed by JKI before it was declared in bankrupt


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