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Ironclad Firearms.



Ironclad Firearms started out as a small firearm modification company based in a garage in 2014.

However, it got so popular Ironclad Firearms started to make their own firearms.

By 2021, Ironclad Firearms was very successful and was hired by the U.S Marines to create prototypes for combat use.


M-5 CQBEdit


The M-5 CQB


Starting out as a modifaction to the M4, it has intense rate of fire, medium firepower, and lightweight chassis. It uses a STANAG 30 Round magazine but can be used with drum mags and other STANAG magazines. The U.S Marines started mass producing these in 2023.

It was intended for close quarters as the recoil was a bit high but it can be used as a medium range weapon if used in burst.

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