The ISSR-51 Mk. 3 is the third generation of the Integrally Suppressed Scout Rifle-7.62x51mm. The first design was created in 2011, the second in 2015, and now the third in 2016. It is has a polymer lower reciever, a hammer forged barrel, integral suppressor, and VAC's FIRST third generation of a weapon.


Specs. Edit

- 7.62x51mm

- Low-profile iron sights.

- Rate of Fire: 650

- Magazine capacity: 25

- Weight: 10lb. (Loaded+suppressor's weight) 8.5 (Unloaded)

- Decible hits: 140 dB (Supersonic) 135 (Subsonic)

- Max. effective range: 500-600m

- Left-sided charging handle

- Barrel length: 16in. + 10in. suppressor

- Ambidextrous safety and magazine release

- MSRP: $3,000

Current Operator (Or interested groups) Edit

(An asterisk signifies groups interested)

- Polish GROM


- US Ranger's


- Philippines Scout Ranger Regiment

- * Blackwater

- * Philippines Light Reaction Regiment

- US Coast Guard

- German KSK

- Canadian JTF2

- * French Foreign Legion

Gallery (Newest ISSR to The First) Edit



The Mark 3 in all it's glory.

Mark 2-1

The ISSR-51 Mk. 2 in it's glory.

The Grandaddy

The grandaddy of them all.

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