Designed in 1889 and manufactured in 1890 the Hemstreet Carbine is a .45-70 Govt. Carbine that was mainly used for buffalo hunting and train robberies in the Wild West. It's biggest complaint was its lever. It was total shit. It was popular and a major contender to the Winchester 1894 repeater, but in 1895 Hemstreet Firearms Co. founder James Hemstreet died in a saloon in Tuscon, Arizona during a bar fight. Then a month later Hemstreet Firearms Co. went bankrupt until 1905.


- Units produced: 2,000

- Cost (Back then): $50-100

- Weight: 8lb.

- Cartridge: .45-70 Govt.

- Range: 400m

- Ammo capacity: 8

- Unpopular lever

- Rate of Fire: It's a repeater not a minigun, don't expect much speed.

- Pros/Cons:

  • Pros:
  • Hit hard
  • Deadly
  • Somewhat accurate
  • Takes down big game easily
  • Cons:
  • Slow
  • Slow reload
  • Kinda heavy
  • A REALLY awkward lever. And awkward in general.
    Hemstreet Carbine

    That lever though...

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