The HVSR (High Velocity Sniper Rifle) was a very successful marksman rifle in militaries worldwide.  It entered service in with the USMC as the standard semi-automatic SR in 2022.  Like many rifles during its creation it opted for a modern AR-15 variant receiver. Given permission by H&K, its receiver is not claimed to be made by Parabellum Industries; it is in fact a receiver of a HK416, albeit heavily modified.


The HVSR boasts an effective range of over 1km, still having enough velocity to pierce Kevlar.  It comes standard with back/front flip-up sights for medium-short range engagements, although you will have to use a scope to get this rifle's full potential.  The stub grip allows for improvised "leg-stand" positions where the user can stack their boots and apply force with their foot to the grip and steady the weapon.

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