HK417C and HK417K

The HK417C is first designed in 2010 by the Turnal Factory. It was first introduced and produced in 2011 by Aughad and was adopted by police departments of Aughad and later the special operation forces.


The HK417C is a compact version of the HK417. It features a collapsible stock and it reduces weight by about 1.5lbs (7lbs). The HK417K has no fixed/collapsible/folding stock (like the MP5K) and the weight is reduced by 3lbs (5.5lbs). The HK417C/K series is used by paratroopers, tank crews, and special forces. 


Aughad: Used by special operation forces and police departments.

C.R.A.S.H: Field Trials in 2012. May replace the AK-94 by 2015.

NPC: Used by comanders and tank crews. 

SA Military: Used by paratroopers, and tank crews. Replaced the M4 Carbine for the paratroopers and tank crews. 

NOOSE: Tested and fielded small numbers of HK417C in 2012. Later rejected the HK417C and stayed with the M4 Carbine.

FIB: Tender Evaluation (2013). 

LCPD: Recieved few numbers of HK417C in 2012. Tender Evaluation (2013).  

United States: Test trials for the J-SOC. Later rejected for the HK416.

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