The HHGL (HandHeld Grenade Launcher) is a weapon made by Accurafire Manufacturing Company. It is a semi-automatic grenade launcher rifle. It has 2 Picatinny Rails. One on the top of the upper receiver, and one below the barrel. It comes with Troy Folding Sights and a compensator, but a SpectreOS Scope can be ordered as well as a folding foregrip. There is a newer version, the HHGL Mk. II.

Features Edit

Features of the HHGL include:

-Many internal recoil compensation systems as in all Accurafire weapons, as well as a large compensator.

-Troy Folding Sights

Accurafire HHGL

The Accurafire HHGL, with a magazine of 30mm rounds below it.

-6-Round Magazine

-HK Battlegrip

-The accurate SpectreOS scope (Optional)

-Folding Foregrip (Optional)

-Retractable Stock, so you can adjust the stock length to your preference. A fixed stock version is now available.

Specifications Edit

Weight: 14.5 pounds empty

Length: 37.5 Inches

Effective Range: 600m

Price (U.S): $1,500

Ammunition: 30mm Modified BS-1 Grenade

Ammunition Capacity: 6 rounds

HHGL-A1 Edit

The HHGL-A1 is pretty much just an HHGL with Accurafire's Anti-Jam system: Force-Lock.

HHGL-40 (HHGL-A2) Edit

The HHGL-40 (HHGL-40mm) is a 40mm version of the HHGL.

That Compensator is HUGE

The HHGL-40

Specifications (HHGL-40) Edit

-Mag Capacity: 5 or 10 rounds

-Weight: 15.1 pounds (5 round mag), 15.68 pounds (10 round mag).

-Length: 39 inches

-Effective Range: 500m

-Price (US): $2,500

-Ammunition: NATO 40mm Grenades: M781 Practice Grenade, M651 CS Chemical Grenade, M406 HE Grenade, M433 HEDP Grenade.

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