H&K BR21

The H&K BR21 utilizes a unique firing and extraction mechanism in a bullpup design, and accepts any AK magazine. It came about due to Germany's increasing problems with anti-EU terrorist groups.

     Heckler and Koch's anti-terrorist battle rifle has been in service for seven months now, and we sat down to look at some of its features.


   Being a 7.62x54mmR rifle, its preferred setting is 3 round burst, though fully automatic fire is an option. It utilizes a unique vertical feeding system that allows high capazity magazines to be used with no discomfort to the user. Also, because the way the weapon is built, you can even use the magazine as a monopod for prone shooting. LMG variants use a bipod attachment, but many field agents use a bipod with the standard configuration.


Shown here is the H&K picatinny carry handle/optic, a throwback to the G36 series of rifles, and a M900 surefire weapon light/grip. 

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