ISS With PRS Stock
Made with adaptability
ISS (Internally Silenced Sniper)
in mind, and the best in class. Manufactured by Farpoint Industries, factory & headquarters located In La Serena, Chile. It's nickname, "Sparkler" comes from the incomplete burning of gunpowder from ejected shells, due to its fast-action bolt mechanism. It has earned its place in Chile's armed forces, and is quickly gaining attention from other countries.

RPM (Rounds Per Minute): 130

Length: 601 mms

Weight: 5.2 Kg

Maximum range: 1620 Meters

Chambered for: Farpoint 30. Cal SR

Average Reload Time: 2.51 Sec

Decibles Produced When Fired: 18.2 dB

Available To Public: No.

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