Meaning of the name: Edit

The FML is for Fusil Mitrailleur Lourd (English for Heavy Machine Gun) and the 50 refers to the principal ammunition, the 50 Action Express.

"History" of the gun: Edit

FML-50 Custom

A fully customized FML-50

The 50 Action Express ammo was chosen for its power of impact, made famous by the Desert Eagle. The French Army needed a multi-functional machine gun that is easy to use.

How to use it. Edit

Simple as saying hello. As you can see, the FML-50 is chambered in .50AE MG Mag and a 7.62 Mag. You can fire with the MG mag and with the 7.62 due to the ejection of the cartridge on both side. You can unscrew the barrel, replace it and add a carry handle.
Schéma FML 50

Statistics: Edit


A FML-50 with a folding cross and a carrying handle.

Weight: 5KG - 6,8 With AE - 7 with both mags.

Lenght: 680mm-28 Inches WIthout any custom

Caliber: .50 AE and 7.62.

Max Range: 850 Meters with long barrel

590 with a short barrel.

Rate of fire: 800RPM for the AE and 850 for the 7.62

Ammo in a mag: 150 rounds or the 50AE and 20-30 rounds for the 7.62