The meaning of the name: Edit

The FDMAO is the Fusil D'élite de la Manufacture D'arme d'Orléans (In english Sniper Rifle of the Weapon Manufactory of Orléans) and 227 simply mean the year 2017 the years of his creation.

"History" of the gun: Edit

The weapon was created to be very cheap and mass producted for the french civil war of 2017. The objective his accomplished but the gun is very hard to use. You put the mag , you pulls back the bolt and you reset the bolt. Now it shoot in semi auto and when you don't have any ammo left , you put back the bolt , you remove the mag , add a new one and reset the bolt. Despite those complication , the FDMAO worked in many africans country due to his price , and his reliability. This gun was the first of the Ares Weaponry.

The different version Edit


The FDMAO-227 Cal.338 Edit

Weight: 5KG - 5,9 KG Loaded

Lenght : 1100 mm/43,3 Inches

Caliber : .338 Lapua Magnum

Max Range: 1000 Meters

Rate of Fire : 100 RPM

Ammo in a mag: 5-10

The FDMAO-227 Cal 5.56 Edit

FDAMO-217 Cal 5.56

It's Simply just a FDMAO modified to use 5.56X45 Otan ammo

Weight: 5KG - 5,6 KG Loaded

Lenght: 1105mm/43,5 Inches

Caliber: 5.56x45 Otan

Max Range : 700 Meters

Rate of Fire : 195 RPM

Ammo in a mag : 40

FDMAO-217 7.62XGP40

The FDMAO-228 Edit

The FDMAO Created in 2018 for rebels in east europe.

Weight: 5KG - 6 KG Loaded

Lenght: 1113mm/43,8 Inches

Caliber: 7.62xGP40

Max Range : 680 Meters

Rate of Fire : 200 RPM

Ammo in a mag: 35

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