FCA Modelo 1938 / RA-04 Edit

FCA Modelo 1938 (p)
RA-04 (korean war)

During the final months of the Spanish civil war the FCA was asked to produce a sub machine gun and pistol to serve with the tank crews and infantrymen fighting in the cities. Because of the urgent demand for the gun, the design had to be simple and easy to make, while at the same time roust and reliable. The engineers at the Fabrica Catalonia worked around the clock to produce the weapon and in just 4 months the gun was rolling of the production line. The gun however only was able to serve with the Republicans for only a few months before the war was over. But in 1952 the Ramos Arms company in Australia reproduced the weapon for the Australian troops fighting in Korea. The Modelo 1938 was accredited with bringing the Ramos Arms company into the mainstream Small arms production companies and it continues to be used with some militaries around the world as the RA-04. The RDI has continued the evolution of the RA-05 with the A2 Along with a new rail system and an adjustable M4 stock, the RA-04A2 ships with a caliber conversion kit that enables it to fire most pistol calibers.

Specifications Edit

Weight: 7.95 lb (3.61 kg)

Length: 30 in (stock extended) / 20 in (stock collapsed)

Barrel length: 8 in (SMG) 5in (pistol)

Cartridge: 45 ACP & 9×19mm Parabellum

Action: Blowback, open bolt

Rate of fire: 550 rounds/min cyclic

Muzzle velocity 920 ft/s

Effective firing range: 90-100yds

Feed system: 30-round detachable box magazine

Sights: Adjustable rear notch sight, blade foresight

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