FCA Modelo 1910 Edit

FCA Modelo 1910
RA Modelo 1910 (2)-0

the FCA Modelo 1910 was a pistol designed by Marco Ramos for both the Spanish military and Civilian population. It was chambered in the .45 acp for military uses and the 9X19 Parabellum for civilians. Although the design is over 100 years old the Modelo continues to be produced by the RDI small arms subsidiary, Ramos Arms, as the RA Modelo 1910. The Modelo 1910 has continued to be one of Marco Ramos' most popular designs and is used heavily in pistol shooting competitions for its accuracy and because the gun needs relatively little to no modification to mount an optic.

Specifications Edit

Weight:  1.92 pounds

Length: 8.80 in

Barrel length: 4.5 in (civilian) 5.0 in (Military)

Cartridge: 9×19mm Parabellum, .45 ACP

Action:  short recoil

Rate of fire: 20 RPM

Muzzle velocity: 1148–1312 f/s (9mm, 4.5in barrel), 825 ft/s (.45 ACP, 5.0 inch barrel)

Effective firing range: 50 m (9mm, 100 mm barrel; short barrel)

Feed system: 8-round detachable box magazine, 32-round detachable drum

Sights: Rear adjustable notch Iron sights, front fixed post (FCA Modelo 1910)

                No sights, picatiny rail space for mounting optics (RA Modelo 1910)

RA 1910 A3 Edit

RA Modelo 1910 A3

RA 1910A3 Standard

RA Modelo 1910 A3 (3)

RA 1910A3 short

RA Modelo 1910 A3 (2)

RA 1910A3 Modified

The RA 1910 is a semiautomatic pistol created for the Pistol Comp. It is a modernized variant of the FCA Modelo 1910 and features top and bottom rails,and an integrated red dot sight, flashlight or lazer slot under the barrel. It is offered in either 9mm, .45 Magnum, Or RDI 6.5×35 for close quarters armor penetration. On Military variants it comes with three modes of fire, the first being on SAFE, then SINGLE, then 2 round BURST. The gun also features an automatic mag release upon last shot fired, and will release the bolt when a fresh magazine is slotted.

Specifications Edit

Weight: 0.9 Kg

Length: 260mm

Barrel length: 80mm (short), 150mm (Standard)

Cartridge: 9mm, .45 Magnum, RDI 6.5×35

Action: Short recoil

Effective firing range: 100-200m

Feed system: 14 round detachable magazine (9mm)

Sights: Integrated red dot sight

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