Meaning of the names: Edit

FAMAO Is for Fusil d'Assault de la Manufacture d'Arme d'Orléans (In english Assault rifle of the weapon manufactory of Orléans)

"History" of the guns Edit

The gun was made in french civil war like his brother the FDMAO-227 for being mass produced. The Objective was accomplished again despite this time a low fire rate.

The Different versions: Edit

The FAMAO-227 Edit


Weight: 4KG - 4,2 Loaded

Lenght: 800mm/31,4 Inches

Caliber: 5.56x45 Otan

Max Range: 700 meters

FAMAO-227 Sniper

A FAMAO-227 With a M16A1 stock and a bipod

Rate of fire : 300 RPM

Ammo in a mag : 35

The FAMAO-228 Para Edit

Weight: 3,1 KG - 3,3 Loaded

FAMAO-228 Para

Lenght: 500mm/19,6 Inches

Caliber: 5.56x45 Otan

Max Range : 350 meters

Rate of fire: 600 RPM

Ammo in a mag: 35

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