Dronestrike R1 Carbine

The production model of the R1 Carbine.

The Dronestrike R1, also known as the Annihilator, is a high-power series of rifles. These guns represent a change in Dronestrike's marketing, as the series is marketed more towards civilians than military.


The rifle was created to fill a void between Dronestrike's civilian and military marketing. At this time, the military market for Dronestrike was huge, but the company was almost nonexistent in the civilian market. As a result, a new design was commissioned exclusively for the civilian market.

Dronestrike R1 PDW

The R1 PDW rifle.

The first prototype in the R1 series was the PDW model. It was a completely new structure, whereas the older Dronestrikes were usually based upon other weapons. This new platform gave designers a chance to experiment and a new shell was created; the 6.116x49.5 mm "Annihilator" shell, based upon the 7.62x51mm NATO shell. The rifle itself was built for customization; if someone wanted to get a Sniper or AR (Assault Rifle) variant, but couldn't afford it, they could buy a cheaper model (the PDW) and then buy the parts for the rifle.

Dronestrike R1 AR

Dronestrike R1 AR.

The whole line went to production by 2050. In the first year, the company reported civilian sales of 3,000,000 plus guns.


There are five different versions of the R1; PDW, Carbine, AR, Sniper, and S (Suppressed) model. Four of the five were created for the civilian market, although you could buy parts for the Suppressed model, a military-only variant.

Dronestrike R1 PDW

The R1 PDW rifle.

PDW Edit

The bestselling model.

Price: $300

Dronestrike R1 Carbine

The R1 Carbine.


This carbine is being considered for use in the US military at this time.

Price: $450

Dronestrike R1 AR

Dronestrike R1 AR.

AR Edit

The AR is an Assault Rifle with select-fire, the only R1 to have such a feature. Therefore, it is considered a Title II weapon in United States law and you are required to have a Type 1 Federal Firearms License as well as a Class III Special Occupation Tax to sell, and an ATF Form 4 with $200 tax stamp to purchase this gun.

A semi-automatic variant is also sold to civilians.

Price: $550 (semi-auto), $1,000 (select-fire)

Dronestrike R1 Sniper

The R1 Sniper.


A large rifle variant of the R1. Can be used for many uses, although most owners would most likely use it for long-range shooting.

Price: $700

Dronestrike R1S

The R1 'S' rifle.


Military-only version of the gun. The stock can be bought for customizing the other variants.

Price: $1500 per unit (military personnel)

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