The Dragon Arms Company is a firearms company that makes many, many kind of weapons, but focuses on rifles, SMGs, and LMGs. The company was founded in 2018 by Dr. Gordon Scott, a engineer and physicist. Many weapons by Dragon Arms now are used by armies all around the globe. The pictures corrospond with the atricles in order.

Weapons Edit

Dragon Arms has made plenty of weapons, such as the reliable DAR-1 and Typhoon-4 rifles, to name a couple. The complete Dragon Arms weapon list is unknown, many prototypes made and discarded, but roughly 80-90% have been documented.

DAR-1 Edit

The DAR-1 was the Dragon Arms weapon that put them on the map. The DAR-1, with its high firepower, caliber, and AK level reliability was able to let it wind up in the hands of Spec Ops and criminals alike. For its 16 year production run from 2018 to 2034, 1.5 million rifles were made before being overtaken by the Typhoon-4 rifle.



The Typhoon-4 was released in 2033 and was well received by critics and militaries alike, A year later it replaced the DAR-1 in most countries that used the DAR-1. En masse production stopped in 2061, but the rifle is still being made for collectors and civilians. Clones are being made by other companies, but are reported to be less comfortable and reliable than the original.


Roughly 5.7 million were made, excluding copies and civilian versions.


The DAC-P319 was a prototype assault rifle made in 2042, and incorporated one of the very first recoil migitation technology bolts for rifles. It was a good idea on paper, but the actual product was lackluster. It did have less recoil, but the bolt style sacrificed range and rate of fire. It was only accurate to 300 meters, and only fired at 530 RPM, comnpared to the Typhoon-4's 700m effective range and 800 RPM. The stock also had the tendancy to break quite frequently, as it was entirley hollow. Production ceased by the end of the year, with only 12,000 made. They are sougfht after as collecters items.


DAACS Hellion

The Hellion was another prototype rifle that was successful, unlike the P319. It was created under the name 'Project Comp' in 2054. It is a compact assault rifle made with police and special operations in mind. It is relativly small, slightly bigger than the FN P90, the gun it was based off of. It fires a 5.56 round and is compatable with most AR-15 style magizines. It features a compact size for close quarters, and the caliber of the round it fires makes it easily beat most SMGs. It sees production from 2054 to today, a total of 4.6 million manufactured at time of writing.
Screenshot 1

DAACS Hellion

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