The SV-68 (or Snayperskaya Vintovka - 1968) is a sniper / designated marksman rifle (DMR) that was made by Alexandrov Design Bureau. It is essentially the long-range version of the AA-55 assault rifle.

The early model (1971 - 1984) variant of the SV-68. The only difference between this and the 1985 - 1992 variant is the stock and handguard.

History: Edit

In 1958, the SVA-43 was replaced entirely by the AA-55 assault rifle. While the AA-55 was a rather fantastic weapon, some soldiers wanted a rifle that would be more effective for longer ranges. Gennady Alexandrov, the founder and lead designer, decided to make a new rifle that would based on the AA-55 but have a niche in the sniper roles. He then started to design his rifle in 1968, and his finalized design appeared in early 1971, where it received its new name; the SV-68. It underwent testing by the Soviet Army, and while they liked it, it wasn't as good as the relatively-new SVD. Therefore, ADB decided to send their design who needed a DMR. North Vietnam was a prime example of a country that used the SV-68 extensively, especially during the Vietnam War. Other communist countries like Cuba, North Korea, and several Eastern Bloc countries also adopted the rifle (except for Romania due to their PSL and Yugoslavia due to their Zastava M76). Production and sales were good, but in the late 1970's, not only was the economy beginning to decline, but it was starting to show its age. Even after the introduction of a new, bolt-action sibling (the SV-85), the company faltered in 1992. In 2011 and 2021, it was spiritually succeeded by the SV-07 bolt-action sniper rifle and the SVP-17 integrally suppressed, bullpup, semi-automatic sniper rifle.

Facts: Edit

  • Barrel is 22 inches
  • Chambered for 7.62x54mmR, and is fed via a 10-round magazine.
  • Designed in 1968, produced from 1971 to 1992.
  • Effective range is around 750 - 1000 meters.
  • Gas operated.
  • Uses the PSO-1 scope.
  • Weights: 8.3 pounds (unloaded), 8.9 pounds (loaded)

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