This 1911 has a rail mount,custom sights compensator, and custom mag

This page is all about custom 1911 pistols. Any modification, color, or style of pistol is welcome. Any carbine or machine pistol conversions are acceptable. If the 1911 posted has so many mods you can't tell what it is, do not post it.

Capture 147 - Copy (2)

An overall stainless-steel M1911. Factory standard with normal 7-round magazine.

Model A
  • Overall stainless-steel finish
  • 7-round magazine

Capture 147 - Copy

Two-tone M1911. Custom slides and custom 8-round magazine.

Model B
  • Two-tone finish; black-over-silver
  • Custom pistol slide
  • Custom 8-round magazine

Capture 147

Overall matte-black finish M1911. Fitted with removable compensator. Custom slide, with custom 7-round magazine.

Model C
  • Overall matte-black finish
  • Custom pistol slide
  • Removeable compensator
  • Custom 7-round magazine

Capture 147 - Copy (3)

Custom two-tone MP1911. Custom pistol slide and iron sights. Fitted with a removable compensator and foregrip. Bolted-on, foldable shoulder stock. Custom, extended 15-round magazine.

Model D
  • Two-tone finish; silver-over-black
  • Custom pistol slide
  • Custom iron sights
  • Removable compensator and foregrip
  • Foldable shoulder stock
  • Custom, extended 15-round magazine

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